th a flick of the wrist the Beast sends a city bus airborne, arching through the air faster than anything that large without wings is meant to go.”




Seven years ago, her picture graced the cover of every fashion magazine in existence; now all that was left of her beauty was her figure and her face.  Everything else about her sure as hell felt to him like a man, one that was kicking his ass.”

“Within the walls of this terror resided a half billion drones, not swarming with goals of assimilation and perfection, but motionless.  The same phenomenon was reported in every quadrant of the galaxy.  There were no pursuits for technology, no assimilations.  Borg cubes, Borg cities, Borg worlds had simply stopped.  The most powerful force in the known galaxy was silent and no one knew why.”


                                                                                        Star Trek Fiction Companion interview

“I spoke via e-mail with Astronomers and ex-NASA scientists on what would
happen if a body half the size of the moon would take a geosynchronous orbit over Earth.”

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“Let them go and I’ll leave you with the use of your hands.”



                                                              An homage project

Deep Space Nine: The DREAMER and the DREAM

“Watching from the shadows as the cult members performed their unholy ritual on this dead asteroid in the Badlands, Captain Kira Nerys felt like the universe had simply gone mad.”

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Star Trek Magazine #66

Article: A Future United: Charting the values behind the United Federation of Planets


D e r e k   T y l e r   A t t i c o

The Third Law

“The foul air in the small space didn’t leave much room to breathe, and even less for lies.”

Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook: sidebar contributions

…Commander Riker in command of the U.S.S. Enterprise, transmitting in the blind. The Enterprise has suffered a warp core breach…”

Outside In Gains a Soul

127 essays, one for every episode of Angel and Firefly.

Season 5: “Shells”


“It was always there, a whisper in his ear pleading to be unleashed, begging to satiate what could never be quenched.”

Outside In: Takes a Stab

139 Essays on every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Buffy season 3: “Doppelgangland”

Delta Quadrant Sourcebook: Worlds of the Delta Quadrant chapter and sidebar contributions.

“We’ve discovered an unusual temporal energy signature; we’re calling it a temporal ghost.”

What We Bring With Us

Naima spoke into the dark forest just beyond the clearing. “Yes I am a Dahomey warrior. Leave now, and it will be with your lives.”

Klingon Core Rulebook: The Klingon Empire: Worlds and Locations chapter and sidebar contributions.

“The Unseen are a myth. There is no fabled Klingon order that hears and sees all, manipulating history from the shadows.”

Outside In Trusts No One

156 New perspectives on 156 X-Files and Kolchak episodes.

Season 5 “Travelers” 

The Path Twice Travelled

“Dana Scully fired twice as she spun around to face the thing that had eviscerated the night security.”


NASA Exoplanet Demographics Conference

Where The Heart Is

“It was strange to think of a place you’ve never been to as home, but that’s what Proxima Centauri b was.”

Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Crimson

“He’d been observing the passengers sitting across from him for nearly ten minutes. Like a row of books on a shelf, the stories of their lives were like titles for novels.”