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th a flick of the wrist the Beast sends a city bus airborne, arching through the air faster than anything that large without wings is meant to go.”



Kira’s voice sounded rushed—almost desperate—over the comm. “I need good news, Chief.”


Seven years ago, her picture graced the cover of every fashion magazine in existence; now all that was left of her beauty was her figure and her face.  Everything else about her sure as hell felt to him like a man, one that was kicking his ass.”

“Within the walls of this terror resided a half billion drones, not swarming with goals of assimilation and perfection, but motionless.  The same phenomenon was reported in every quadrant of the galaxy.  There were no pursuits for technology, no assimilations.  Borg cubes, Borg cities, Borg worlds had simply stopped.  The most powerful force in the known galaxy was silent and no one knew why.”


                                                                                        Star Trek Fiction Companion interview

“I spoke via e-mail with Astronomers and ex-NASA scientists on what would
happen if a body half the size of the moon would take a geosynchronous orbit over Earth.”

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